They are the face of a business, product or service

Logos are powerful because they immediately evoke memories and experiences with the brand.

You should always strive to make your logo as memorable, iconic or innovative as possible by using colors that will capture people’s attention such used in advertising campaigns like those from Nike and Apple where you can easily remember what each company stands for due their instantly recognizable logos.


Logos are a company’s most important branding element. They serve as their logo, slogan and can even be used for promo items like T-shirts or pens! A well designed logo will help customers remember the brand because of how memorable it is – shapes and colors make this easier than if you had words in your design. It also means that when someone finds another business they’ll know what kind its from just looking at them; so using these types maximizes advertising space while limiting costs by only printing logos on products people need every day (like detergents).


From our very first day, we are building up a visual library in our mind and beginning to associate fonts with specific emotions. Even before seeing them or understanding what they say on the package design of whatever it is you’re looking at–you instantly make judgments about this business based solely off how their logo looks (or doesn’t).

We all have preferences when it comes to the types of companies we want our money spent on. If you think a company is too expensive, corporate looking or radical then avoid them altogether because those are examples that will make most people SKIP what they offer! On top of this if their logo(and associated brand identity) looks like something you’re interested in supporting AND wish be associated with – buy from these businesses instead!!

The logo is the face of your company. It sets expectations for what you will offer and if it doesn’t live up to those standards, customers may get frustrated with their experience spending money at a place where they felt misled before-hand or worse yet – bad reviews from disappointed visitors who were expecting something else entirely.


In today’s competitive market, one chance is all that any company will ever have to make an impact and attract new customers. A logo design can either help them do this or hurt their chances by giving off poor branding skills before even starting work on what you want people’s reactions about your product/service in social media channels like Facebook where there are billions of users worldwide!


Logos are logos, but they can also be leveraged to communicate important brand messages and values. Just make sure that you keep it simple – ideally stick with just one key idea! The Amazon logo has some great examples of this like their smile beneath the letters “a” through “z”. This positivity enhanced by vibrant orange coloration is associated personally in my mind as warmth when thinking about shopping at home Stretch your creativity beyond what meets first glance.