Frequently asked questions You have a question…we have all the answers

1. Is all of the work handled via the Internet?

To start a project via the Internet you will complete the Creative Brief. After that, you will be able to view any developments about your project on your Project Board on website. The Project Board is for your convenience, but if you prefer to talk to a live person, you can call the account manager that is assigned to you once we start your project. Your account manager will help you define goals for your design project, answer any questions, and make sure the process is efficient and easy for you.

2. Why do I need a logo?

A logo is what makes your business’ image stand out above your competitors’, and the one that people remember. Your logo helps elevate your business by giving it more of a professional look and making it memorable to others. When a logo is properly designed, it can convey the message that you are credible, trustworthy, and professional.

3. How will I be able to use my logo?

When you own your own logo you can use it however you want to promote your business. It is a good idea to start with basic items like business cards, stationery, and a store sign. Then you can move onto promotional products, like pens and hats. The website The Logo Boutique can help with all your design needs. Navigate our site to see all the possibilities. If your ideas are not listed on our site we will accommodate you in any way.

4. What if I am not satisfied with the work?

You have guaranteed satisfaction because we will work until you are completely happy with your design and you will get unlimited revisions every time.

5. Who can I talk to if I have additional questions?

We’re available by e-mail, through online chat, and via the telephone. Though once you begin a project, you are assigned an account manager who is dedicated to making sure the final product you ordered exactly meets your needs and expectations. Your account manager’s contact number will be provided when you begin your project and visit your Project Board.

6. Is it safe to order logos from your site?

Absolutely!. We use Paypal for all our transactions. Paypal is the most used and secured online merchant for Internet sales. We also have a security Certificate by Network Solutions.

7. Are there any fees for revisions made to the initial logo designs?

There are no additional fees for logo revisions. We refine your logo until you are completely satisfied.

8. I’m not sure what kind of logo I should have.

Many of our clients do not know what they exactly want or need. Provide us with as much information as possible in the brief, and we will do our best to meet those needs., We provide enough samples to help you come to a final decision. Or, you can tell us “to go for it” and we’re happy to do that, too. We encourage you to take a look at our logo portfolio for inspiration and ideas for your own logo. We also have informative articles about business logo design.

9. How will you deliver my new logo?

The digital files for your new logo will be sent to you via email. You can also request a hard copy of your files. For an additional $45.00, you will be sent a USB drive with your digital files.

10. Why do other design firms offer logos that are less expensive?

Some logo design companies use recycled or clip-art to design their logos. At The Logo Boutique, our logo designers use original artwork to create a unique and inspiring logo for every one of our clients.

11. What happens if I need to cancel an order you’ve already started on?

If we receive your request to cancel prior to the completion of your initial logo designs, we will refund your order. For complete details, refer to our Terms and Conditions.

12. Do I own the copyright of my logo?

Yes. You have all the rights of the final logo design you select. No royalties will be requested by The Logo Boutique.

13. When do you start working on my logo design?

Once you select your package, fill out the Logo Brief and make the payment. We will establish an account with all your information, and you will receive your first drafts, three business days later.

14. How long does it take before I can see my logo samples?

We post your first concepts to your account in 24 hours or less according to the package you choose.

15. Do you create any Illustrations Design?

Yes. Please view our Illustrative Logo Design Package for more details.

16. Can you redo my existing logo?

Yes, simply provide us with the latest version of your logo and mention it on your Logo Design Order Form. If you want us to retrace your logo to convert it into vectors there will be a charge of $50.00 dollars.

17. How much does a custom logo cost?

There are many packages available. You can select the one that best fits your budget here: view all packages

18. Can I buy one of the logo designs in your gallery?

You can’t buy logos from our gallery. Those logos are not for sale. These are real logos from past customers. We custom design logos for each client and they own the rights to the image. We do not use a logo twice. The idea of the gallery is to show you what we have done and how we can help you with your logo design.

19. How can you offer such a low price?

The truth is we do not make any profit from our logo design services. We are sure once you have tried our service and you love your logo we can create a long term relationship with you and help you with all your design and printing needs. Take a look at our reviews and see what others think of our service. Visit ResellerRatings