Religious Logo Design Samples

Religious Logo Design

We at specialize in designing logo for our clients which paints a unique brand identity in customers mind. Designing a religious logo is as challenging as designing a commercial logo but it has its own certain elements that need to be considered.

Similarly to consulting and construction logo design, religious logo design requires effective images to convey its message across its followers. It’s really important to choose images, text, symbols and formatting smartly. Proverbial creativity in logo design helps in creating attentiveness regarding your religious activities and identifying your movement at first glance.

The most important factor is to create a religious logo design to use symbols that are related to faith. Some images are widely recognized like cross symbolizes Christianity.  It may seem risky to adopt a logo featuring visuals that are similar to other religions, but you must remember the power inherent in these traditional symbols. Your message can be easily lost if you choose radically different images. An accomplished designer can also make your logo appear fresh, even when it contains traditional images. So its important use imageries to impart the specific type of worship practiced and are often selected for their ability to convey feelings of peace, unity and comfort.

It’s important to a add tag line that summarizes the founding ideology. But it’s really important to choose it wisely since it displays the inspiration taken from the religious principles. This also highlights the specific values backing up underlying ideology. Evocative text can add value, but less is more in the logo world. Keep your logo’s array of applications in mind. What looks good on a banner or poster may be less effective shrunk down for a letterhead or ministry newsletter.

Colors play vital role in sketching a strong image in followers mind. From a psychological standpoint, all colors carry with them various different connotations that can be utilized to create mood and communicate certain messages. Traditional colors can be valuable tools, but your religious logo design should not rely on tradition alone for its success. It is not always practical for a logo to be reproduced in full color, so yours should work well in this format or black and white.

Mostly, religious organizations opt towards formal religious logo designs. In order to appear more dedicated and in respect of ideas since religion is a serious matter. We at design religious logo design by keeping these rules in mind but there’s catch in these rule. Sticking to rules doesn’t bound to you dullness; we try to make logo with modern approach without getting away with the basic meaning of business.

Creating a logo for a religious organization is certainly a serious job and may require a lot of expertise. Abstract and metaphysical elements might be difficult to express in religious logo design. Religions strive for the best nature in man and the color selection usually is made to represent and inspire the values every religion values the most.

Blue is a color often associated with purity, innocence, sobriety and patience and is no surprise it is the common choice. Red colors are used to represent love and tolerance, and a life commitment to religion. While white speaks of rebirth, yellow speaks of joy and golden tones are used to say that the teachings have superior value.

The majority of religions already count with symbols to represent them, but the use of such symbols for a logo needs to be done carefully. Religious logo design should also take into account that the religious organization/endeavor needs to develop their own identity and for this reason major symbols should not take a big part on the Religious logo design.

Having the right color is just a part of the job; your lettering should also be accompanied with a font that’s coherent with your mission. If your mission is directed to kids, a childish-like font is best suited to your logo thank a script font. Baroque fonts speak better to elder people, and are ideal to speak about ceremonies and traditions worth keeping. At The Logo Boutique we are always willing to help choosing the right elements and are always subject to your feedback. If you choose us to design a logo for your organization, you can be sure that we will do our best to help you deliver the message.

In this gallery you can see some examples of religious logo design that might give a little inspiration and an idea of what we can do.