Animals Logo Design Samples

Animals Logo Design Samples

Whether your business is directly related with animals or you are just interested in including an animal in your logo,Animals logo design is one of the most common requests, While your project might not be necessarily a zoo or vet center, It is very likely that your project could use an animal.

Animal logo design is on general terms, a very good way to portray different characteristics of your company. We all know an owl logo can convey wisdom, or a lion logo can portray strength.

There are meanings behind any animal symbol. Let’s mention some of the most common

A cat symbol means freedom, spiritual power, tenderness, hedonism, mystery, (and either good or bad luck in Japan)

A Bear symbol means strength, courage and tenacity and is the animal that represents the sellers in the market, so it is used along with the bull in several trading and stocks related projects

A Bull means strength, courage, tenacity and is the animal that represents the buyers in the market, so it is used a lot in stocks and trading related projects

A Fox symbol means intelligence and slyness.

An Elephant symbol means power, dignity, intelligence and peace.

A Dolphin symbol means salvation, transformation and love.

A Horse Symbol means velocity, vitality and beauty.

An Ant means hard effort, while a group of ants can portray effective teamwork

Dogs portray loyalty and unconditional love and are, along with paws, one of the favorite choice for vet centers and pet shops.

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Here is a nice compilation of animals logo design by the logo boutique … a selection of custom logos we have created where animals are the main characters!!! Animals make some of the most powerful symbols for brands.