Boutique Logo Design Samples

Boutique Logo Design

Boutique logo design have a special flair and are usually sophisticated and elegant designs. Creating a glamorous Boutique logo that works, is memorable and easy to transfer to different media is a challenge. A challenge we are happy to take and conquer.

Swirls, flowers, intricate monograms, gold and silver, roses, ladies’ silhouettes, diamonds, bling, script fonts, all these elements come to mind when thinking about a Boutique logo design… first thing we need to do is EDIT, EDIT and EDIT… usually in a logo design less is more and we need to make sure that the logo shows the company’s personality but it also conveys the correct message and it is easy to remember. We usually see over cluttered Boutique logo design that simply won’t work if printed in black and white, for example. There is a very true saying from no other than Leonardo da Vinci, “simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication”

We need to get to know the types of products sold by the boutique and also identify the target market to design the logo accordingly. It is not the same to design a logo for an upscale boutique selling designer women shoes in Rodeo drive, Beverly Hills than to design a logo for a bridal boutique in Coral Gables, Florida.

We have a team of designers with years of experience in the field that have designed many Boutique logos and are ready to help you. Here is a compilation of some Boutique logo design we have created for other clients in the past that can give you an idea of the type of work we can do for you.

Remember we take each project as a unique one and we base our designs in your creative brief, reference and even competition. So feel reassured your logo will be unique, professional and one of a kind!

Boutique Logos & Designs Samples

Thanks to the technological advancement, now any individual or company can acquire the skill to become a logo designer even just by sitting at home. But we are not just any boutique logo designers as we’ve have spent endless hours designing logos in many categories and won multiple awards in doing so. Through our long experience we’ve come to realize that just because you can make a logo doesn’t make you a quality logo designer. An innovative logo design may appear simple in nature and structure but there is a deep philosophy and research behind it. That’s what we do at the logo boutique as we try to understand the philosophy of our client’s business and then put on our thinking hats in order to design the right logo for the right target market.

There are multiple factors to consider when creating a quality boutique logo design but one thing our creative logo design teams never compromise in creating any category of logo design is “originality” and “uniqueness”. This is the sole reason behind all the awards we’ve achieve and why our clients indulge in repeat business with us. If you haven’t seen any of our advertisement yet then that’s because we believe that our customers praise is the real advertisement. Some may masterfully and deceptively create boutique logo designs similar to the one’s already in the market but that’s not our cup of tea. We understand that it takes a lot of creativity and thinking to come up with something unique so we are always striving for just that.

Most boutique logo designs have the name of the boutique or fashion brand. In such cases, initials or the complete name is mostly used in logo design which makes font the integral part of the design and if one observes the fonts of all major brands like GUCCI, ROLEX, ZARA then one will notice the simplicity in all of them.

Not just the font, but the shape and color of the logo design should be brimming with luster and poise which will instill confidence in the brand. We all know the importance of wrapping a gift, just like that wrapping your logo up is crucial and key to the success of your fashion boutique business. A boutique must use its logo to attract people to its apparel and clothing.

Just like a boutique designer who wants to clothe people, we too want to clothe your brand with our exquisite logo designs. So feel free to ask us any question and check out some of our samples of boutique logo designs at and see for yourself that we can walk the talk!