Political Logo Design Samples

Political Logo Design

Designing a political logo design is not as easy as designing any other logo. It is important that a political campaign must choose their logo carefully which communicate its agenda with its followers. It’s vital for the success of political camping to create such logo that leaves an impression in their follower’s mind. We The Logo Boutique create eye-catching political logo design which clearly showcases the idea of the camping articulated by the speaker. Logo of political campaign is as important as the powerful speaker words since it symbolizes the approach of the political agenda.

It is very important to design your political logo with very careful pattern in mind. It must be unique and standout from other to create brand identity for the candidate and its campaign for its audience. It should be professional enough to convince the masses. Logo is something that becomes campaigns identity since it will be used on brochures, banners, ads, videos, cards and flags. So, it’s really important to create a Political logo design based on factual details.

It is important while designing political logo design to make it original, avoid copying others idea. It can raise serious concerns regarding plagiarism and can turn into serious allegations. Try to make your logo simple and short. Use basic font style in order to keep it simple to read and print. The most popular elements used in a political icon are stylized images of items and animals used as a party’s symbol, national flags, abstract figures and patterns associated with a party platform, and universal human values. For a political campaign it’s really important to be careful regarding colors. It can raise some serious issues among minorities and other political actors regarding moral ethics. To make a visually appealing color scheme, use catchy colors that stand for life, decency, hope for the better, patriotism, and a strong government. There may be local rules or laws that prohibit what can appear on signage or campaign websites. Learn the restrictions, so you don’t run into problems later. In some cases a political logo design can be similar to a legal and financial logo design.

It’s important to understand that a logo can become the foundation of a design system that powerfully activates a diverse constituency. The goal of political logos is to catch the attention of potential advocates, promote certain values, make a strong statement, symbolize the struggle for voters’ rights, promote fairness, etc. Once you have a campaign logo design, don’t change it halfway through the race. A good part of voter branding is in your logo, and if you change it, you’ll lose much of that connection.

Usually political logo design is made keeping the same color palette that is part of the U.S. flag. This is because colors are often associated with values and our customers want to show their goals are in line with the values of our nation represented in the colors of the flag, depending on the specific goals of the campaign, certain colors fonts and imagery are preferred over others. There is some imagery that never goes out of style such as the stars, and strips in white, blue or red, since they are filled with significance as well, and animals whose appearance inspire nobility of character, such as the eagle, the horse, the lion, etcetera.

In the creation of these types of logos, there are also some go to fonts that our customers tend to choose the most, such as Trajan, which is one of the most used fonts in political logo design because it gives a sense of power and dominance thanks to its resemblance to roman letters, plus, it is a highly readable font.

The aforementioned elements help your logo to be recognized as a political endeavor almost instantly, but this of course, it’s our customers’ call and exceptions to these rules might also be a valid option and stand out by their differences. In any case, it’s important to remark that every element in your logo says something about your campaign whether intentionally or unintentionally, that is why it’s good to invest on political logo design that is made by professionals.

The Logo Boutique wants to help you find, the perfect logo for your political endeavors. We treat every project as a unique one and we are committed to full customer satisfaction with the logo.

In the gallery below, you can see some examples of political logo design we have completed during these years for political campaigns and movements of national interest.