Education Logo Design Samples

Education Logo Design

Education Logo Design are a broad category. There are many fields for education and many type of students… We first need to identify the education logo design target. You can teach children , teens , adults , or animals, for instance. Then we need to understand what we are teaching.

A Education logo Design  for an online course on advanced sales for young professionals is going to be totally different from one for a course on sustainable agriculture for farmers.A logo for a kindergarten in Florida will be totally different from one for a University in California.

Here you can find a compilation of logo design target we have created for past customers to give you an idea.

An Education logo design sample can have similarities with children logo design if the institution which wants a logo design provides education for children. But if it’s a higher education provider then the logo design needs to give an impression of professionalism mastery. There are hundreds of schools and colleges competing to acquire more and more students therefore an attractive education logo design can go a long way in achieving the desired goal and we The Logo Boutique know exactly how to get the job done.

Most likely a student or parent will witness the logo design first before assessing the quality of the actual service provided therefore it is imperative that a logo leaves a lasting impression in the conscious and subconscious minds of potential customers. This highlights the importance on an effective education logo design which serves as the face an education institution. The focus of the logo design should be on the specialty on the type of education provided and should imply that both genders are celebrated. In these changing times more foreign students are reaching out for international education so a logo design should incorporate their cultural background as well.

A strong logo can emotionally connect to students long after they leave that institution. The bond remains intact even after their graduation. Careful consideration needs to put in designing primary, secondary and tertiary education logos because all these three levels will require different themes of logos keeping the demographics in mind.

Images of books, pens and boards have long been used in making educational logo designs but they have become so common that they have started to lose their appeal. We encourage our clients for a more custom and personalized logo, as we try to understand the local area in order to create a bond with the community also. The Penn State logo, for example, features a mountain lion, an animal that was once common in Pennsylvania.

Bright colors are preferred for children education institution and for tertiary level, deeper jewel tones such as burgundy, emerald, green and navy would be a wise choice. The text in logo should be kept to minimum and fonts like Times New Roman are commonly used.

We have placed multiple samples of education logo designs that we have created in the past in order to instill confidence in our current and future clients. So feel free to sign up and we will provide a 100 % guaranteed quality logo.