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Services Logo Design

We The Logo Boutique fully understand that if first impression of company looks good then it impel your customer to hire you. Designing a service logo design is not an easy task. Logo is vital in creating business identity; we’re on mission to make your business look great. Since, logo represents your offerings in simplest form using images and icons.

It is important to use your space wisely since; the core idea is to show customers why your company exists. Designing services logo is very difficult in terms of floating your idea with just imagery. Many people believe a logo only consists of a few elements – some colors, some fonts, a logo, a slogan and maybe some music added in too. In reality, it is much more complicated than that. You might say that a brand is a ‘corporate image’.

For services logo design it is imperative to use perfect depiction suitable with the company’s offerings. Logo is the face of the company and it’s important to choose picture which is unique but simple at the same time. So that customers can understand your business easily. Sometimes, a picture fully describes the business without using any words. We have such experience for not just service logo design but for illustrative logo design also.

For cooking up a perfect recipe for logo is to put right ingredients. A slogan can help to explain your business activities. In just one line and few words slogan can help to explain underlying business ideology.  Moreover using appropriate typesetting is very important to enhance the look of the logo. It must be enticing enough to appeal the target audiences.

We at The Logo Boutique create services logo design after understanding the target audiences. It is important consideration while designing a service logo by avoiding the use of cliché pictures. We try to make logo memorable by adding unique features. A service is a sector in which it’s essential to clarify your workings in customers mind in easiest way. Designing a logo distinctively is the aim of our company so that it catches prospects eye, even in the sea of other logos. A logo design must timeless, it’s important to keep track of current trends but don’t be copycat. Be a trendsetter so that people can be transfixed by your logo’s uniqueness.

Less is more always remember that. It’s smart to focus on one single clear concept rather try to put multiple messages at one space. Communication with client before designing a logo is vital in this business. Unless client is not clear about its business goals a logo cannot be acquainted.

What is your service? What can you do better than others? What is your competitive advantage in relation to other competitors that offer the same service as you? Or do you offer something that nobody does? These are some of the questions we use in services logo design to create an asset that helps you succeed and are also questions that help you to improve your business, following the mantra of helping more people every day, more effectively and with the best attitude.

The creation of a services logo design is somewhat complex; we are capable however, of conveying what you do in the design that we make for you, be it a logo that contains an icon, a slogan, a character or a logo that does not have any of these.

The creative part varies from project to project. Services logo design for a cleaning service differs from the one for private tutoring, the use of fonts and colors that suit your logo the most requires a certain level of experience in the use of elements that inspire a sense of trustworthiness and positivism and use always the most adequate in your logo.

The creation of the logo for a service might usually require as well the creation of a website, business cards, stationery, characters and brochures, which we also do in an excellent way with affordable pricing to reinforce your brand identity and make it coherent across al channels where you promote your service. Here at the Logo Boutique we have a team of experts with several years of experience who can help you creating a fantastic logo that speaks of your service in the best way possible.

In this gallery you will see some of the services logo design projects we have completed during the past years and that can give you an idea of what we can do for you.