Bakery Logo Design

Bakery Logo Design

Creating a bakery logo design samples, cupcake and cake companies, frozen yogurt places and other dessert related businesses has become a trend of its own. They are specially sweet designs that need to convey the taste of the company!!!! We have gathered a few bakery logo design samples we have created in the past to show you we have what it takes to design yours.

We won a Davey Award in 2012 with a cupcake logo design for Millionaire cupcakes. We understand your business and your audience. So if you need a cupcake logo, or a bakery logo design we are the perfect fit.

Bakery Logo Design Samples

For some people there is no better smell in this world than a freshly-baked bread, pie, muffin and other similar bakery items. Just like a quality baker who strives to incorporate freshness, smell and taste into all bakery items, we The Logo Boutique too try to create such a bakery logo design that communicates the message of taste, texture and unique qualities of your bakery products with the power of few well-chosen words and images. Our job is to create such a powerful message and image through our logo designs that customers are tempted and curious to try out the actual taste and freshness behind the logo design.

Creating an eye catching bakery logo design samples may seem straight-forward but careful consideration needs to be given to symbols and colors in order to avoid a design that implies staleness or blandness. Popular images often include specific bakery products, utensils or kitchen imagery like an apron, chef’s hat, bakery boxes and swirls. Most suitable colors for bakery logo designs are light blue, brown, white and pink and a host of other cheery pastels with designs that have room for multi-colored striped pattern. Also if our client requires a bakery logo design samples in black and white then we have the perfect recipe for that too as our logo designs are not limited to some colors only. Many attractive bakery logos ensure a balanced design by laying their words and images on a neutral background, often a single color, further highlighting the art and text through framing.

A bakery offers endless host of delicious items therefore it is important for the bakery logo design to focus on what a particular bakery specialize in. Such specialization includes cupcakes, donuts, pies or can be a particular style of baking such as French-inspired or wholly-organic ingredients. The idea is to understand what makes a particular bakery stand out of the crowd and to put that uniqueness in the logo design.

We The Logo Boutique encourage our readers to look at some of the samples of our bakery logo design and see for themselves that we deliver what we commit. Not only our clients indulge into repeat business with us but also we’ve won a Davey Award in 2012 with a cupcake logo design for Millionaire cupcakes. It’s not just our design that sets us apart but we have created three distinct pricing categories in order to create ease for our clients. So go ahead and sign up with us to get the bakery logo design you aspire and spread the message of your uniqueness from your bakery into the world.