Construction Logo Design Samples

Construction Logo Design

Construction logo  design is more like BUILDING ONE! We take all the TOOLS and CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS, and by tools we mean all the information provided in the creative brief and we start CONSTRUCTION!!!

As any other industry, we need to identify what are good accepted colors and also which elements might be overused and we need to stay away from. Construction logo design tend to be construction logo designs that are more corporate looking. Playing with the company initials might be a good option, or having more abstract icons that convey structure and strength is also a good approach.

Think about famous brands in the industry like CATERPILLAR or even the Home Depot. The first use primary yellow and black as the min colors and the second uses bright orange and white. These (orange and yellow) are two very identifiable colors for the industry. Both brands are very typographical, meaning they do not have a graphic in the logo, CAT has a small triangle, but the initials are the real focus.

What we do in every project is to try to provide concepts going in different directions to try to see what works best and what direction the client wants us to go. Based on the client’s feedback we make revisions or new concepts. Most of our packages include unlimited revisions to make sure we work until we get to the perfect construction logo design for you .

We have a team of designers specialized in logo and corporate identity at your service to help you create the perfect Construction logo design for your company. Please review a selection of logos we have created in the past.

Construction logo design for your business

Having a hard time in creating a professional construction logo design? Well look no further as we’ve got the perfect recipe to create an innovative design. If you’re in the international or domestic construction business and want to increase your customer base by getting the right logo in place then you’ve come the right place.

Any business faces stiff competition and most provide more or less then same product or service therefore it becomes imperative to brand your business in a way that would sustain current client and attain new ones. When it comes to branding,building a creative construction logo design goes a long way in creating a lasting and memorable impression in the minds of the customers. Logo design is both an art and science and it’s not enough to stick your company name inside of the line drawing of a house or office building. Your logo needs to get to the essence of who you are.

So what should you consider when making a construction logo design? Since we create logos for multiple categories, we realize that different colors give different impressions in each category. The colors you choose for construction category should make people think of construction and stability. That means that colors like brown, white, and brick red are good because they call to mind construction materials. However, don’t limit yourself. If your specialty is building environmentally-friendly homes, using green is smart.

Limit the words you use in the name of the company and fonts should be simple and easy to read. This isn’t the time for an over-the-top script font. A plain Sans Serif or Serif font will ensure that your logo is clear. Also when making such a logo, one shouldn’t distract from the construction company name and services.  White space, the space in your logo between lines of text, will ensure the logo is highly visible and will always be recognizable.

As for shapes, they should convey the image of comfort and reliability. Circles tend to indicate safety while square or rectangular shapes signify security and solidity.

The logo boutique has been in the business of construction and other categories of logo design and won many awards along the journey.Sample logo designs have been placed for clients to judge our skill and experience. So feel free to sing up and get your first construction logo design concept for free and if you like our designs then we can move further in building a lasting relationship will providing you a guaranteed quality logo.