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Original Vector Format

It is the original source file and can be rendered smoothly at any desired size.without loosing quality. Perfect for any professional printing.

High resolution PDF Format

Portable Document Format easy to view using Acrobat® Reader®. It is good to print files across all major computing platforms.

JPEG Format

JPG is a standard format used mostly for print and web. JPG is the most common file format for digital cameras because of the outstanding file size reduction capabilities.


PNG has transparent background (great for any color background or picture) GIF a web format BMP (Windows bitmap) the advantage is their simplicity and wide acceptance in Windows programs.

When You Need Professional Website Design: Samples to the Finished Product – Call the Web Experts


Website and logo design are very important in today’s modern business. A website will essentially put you at your customers’ fingertips and your logo establishes your corporate image. At the logo boutique, we provide numerous website design samples for you to choose from and modify to serve as your very own online presence.

Remember that a website is a direct line of communication with your audience. You could think of web design and brochure development as much the same principle. Both mediums use text and pictures to create a sales pitch to the market. With a website you can also take advantage of sound effects and moving animation.

Designing a website can be difficult. Even if you manage to figure out an HTML code editor, that doesn’t mean you are going to be able to design a coherent and user-friendly website that appeals to customers and encourages spending.

Even if you’re not running an ecommerce business, you do have to make this connection. Your customers have to want to do business with you and should want to seek out the benefits of your products and services.

Relying on your own instincts or seeking out website design samples and templates to copy from may not work in the real business world. If you need help creating Flash web page design or just a simple HTML page with graphics and animation, then considering working with us. We offer assistance in website and logo design as well as other promotional campaigns including banners. You can put multiple pages on your site and even include special mouse over “effects.” Our websites are based on a content management system that allows you to edit and change your website at any time. Our websites are totally editable by you.

Side from this, we provide you with a simple process to get the ball rolling on the creation of your new corporate website design from samples to the finished product. You begin by selecting the package that best suits your needs, afterwards you will be asked to fill out a brief to help us get an idea of what you’re looking for in the website and logo design.


If you need assistance through any step of the process, you can easily get in touch with one of our skilled customer consultants. As we want the finished product to be all your own, we have account managers and creative directors to help communicate your ideas in the best way possible.


Contact The Logo Boutique and visit our website design samples gallery. You will be surprised at how affordable our website and logo design services are. We can help you to customize your own professional looking website and drastically improve your traffic too.

Even if you don’t necessarily conduct business online, a well-made website and logo design can make your business more attractive than a nearby competitor. It’s the equivalent of going to retail store that has lavish furnishings and a brilliant architecture. Of course you’re going to attract attention because the building is so pretty! It’s the same principle with a website. Website design samples and prices can vary in terms of quality and value for money so one option might be to design a page on your own.