Logo Design For Photographers Samples

Logo Design For Photographers

Saving money is considered one of the most important aspects during consumer decision-making. We understand this very well but other than this, value should also be provided otherwise consumers would not be motivated to make purchases. Since almost every photographer business is all about providing most value with least amount of business, one should try to cover small niche markets to address to consumer’s need. That’s what The Logo Boutique is all about as we design photography logo designs by understanding our client’s business and their target market and then develop a logo design specifically for that market in order to extract maximum value.

There are various types of events covered by photographers and the photography logo design should depict the specialty of that business. More importantly, the design should convey the audience that no matter which event is being covered by the photographer, he/she will cover many creative angles with highest quality of the picture. The Logo Boutique also functions the same way as our creative teams come up with many ideas to make a logo design. One would assume that the photography logo design should have a camera in the logo but that’s not a creative idea anymore. There are other aspects to be considered as well. Check out our animal logo design and how we use different images for different purposes.

Start by listing the words that describe your business. What kind of photography do you specialize in? Artsy? Black and white? Aerial? Then list words related to your customer? Who are they? What do they expect from your services? This list will give you a solid framework for choosing fonts, graphics and developing a tag line. The point that we are trying to make here is to understand the underlying philosophy of the business in order to create the best brand imagine in the minds of consumers.

The colors can be limited to black or white or some other bright colors in order to portray the dynamic nature of the client’s business. Also it’s very important to make the photography logo design attractive and eye catching like that of children logo design otherwise the consumers will forget about it very quickly. Since the client’s photography should be of quality and clear images, that aspect should be copied in the logo design also. Also remember that logo designs are used in all sorts of media e.g. billboards, business cards, posters etc. therefore the photography logo design should perfectly adjust with all marketing materials.

Photography logo design is one of the logo categories in which we try to do an additional effort, whether you do traditional photography or digital photography, or focus certain type of photography, the logo that uses a camera along with your wording needs that small touch that differentiates you from other photographers.

There are usual approaches to the creation of a Photography logo design that may include a shutter, and maybe specific elements representing what the photographer captures most often reflected or sharing space with the shutter; there is also the approach to put your signature, or your initials along with your name, with a stylized font as your logo.

Another classic choice for photography logo design is the use the whole camera along with your desired wording, in which case you would decide what should this camera have different which represents you.

The Instagram logo is a famous example of how a camera icon can be used to represent what you offer. The depiction of a Polaroid camera had a very good acceptance in the market and conveyed perfectly Instagram’s goal for creating vintage looking digital pictures.

Another option is the use of silhouettes that represent models, live or dead nature, films, lights, pictures icons, or any other element related to photography or cameras along with your wording. But certainly these are only very general suggestions and what the logo is going to be depends on your brief and what you decide in your mind that your logo should be.

Below you will find logo design for photographers examples we have done for some of our customers in the last years. At the logo boutique we strive for uniqueness in all of our projects and we can help you with a logo that is in line with the magic you do with your camera.