How it Works and a Guarantee on What You Get.

Our team of designers and your assigned project manager work with you to ensure our design truly represents your company and your vision. If at any time during the initial stage you feel we have not met your expectation and the design is not what you had in mind you have three options:

1. If you have received the initial logo concepts and have not asked for any revisions you may request a full refund.

2. You may request a start over. We will assign a new team of designers to work on your project to give you a fresh start and a new vision.

3. If you have received more than the initial 3 concepts and have requested revisions you may request a credit to be used within 3 months in any other design project you may have.

We offer unlimited revisions in some of our logo design packages, which means we will work until you are completely satisfied with your logo design. We want you to have the perfect logo for your company!

Do you have a money back guarantee?

Yes we do offer a money back guarantee. We do not charge any hidden processing fees. We will issue a FULL REFUND if you feel the initial concepts are not what you expected.

The only thing we ask you is not to request any revisions to the designs. If you request revisions or more concepts, we assume you want to continue with the project and we cannot issue a refund once we have put more time and work on the project.

If I do not like the Initial logo concepts, will you show me more?

Yes we will. The idea of working in rounds of 3 to 4 concepts at a time is to learn more about what you like and what you don’t. This way we can fine-tune the nest round and make sure we are going in the the right direction. If you do not like any of the initial concepts we can change the team of designers assigned to your project and create a new round… It is important to learn what you do not like to make sure next round is more geared to your vision. Remember your logo package comes with revisions so you can be sure we will work until the perfect logo is complete.

Is there a “non disclosure” agreement?

The Logo Boutique does not require the signing of a non disclosure agreement but we are glad to sign and return yours if you have one. You can rest assure we will never share your information with anyone else.