Medical Logo Design Samples

Medical Logo Design

Medical logo design has to tell a story to the audience about empathy and reputable professional service that the community can trust to provide the healthcare it needs. Sometimes the message delivered through medical logo design is not so different from nonprofit logo design or children logo design in which message of love, care and affection has to be portrayed with suitable images, fonts and colors. A well designed medical logo is instantly recognizable, timeless, and evokes feelings of confidence. But choosing a perfect medical logo design is not as simple as it may seem and careful consideration is needed in designing it.

Your logo has a lot to say about you. The colors, shapes, and fonts you choose all impact the message it delivers. As you’re designing your medical logo, consider what you want that message to be. As a pediatrician, for example, you may want a logo that says, “This office is a safe, friendly place where children come to get and stay well.” Or, as a cardiologist you might choose a logo design that says “this is the heart doctor with heart.” Or, your medical assistant logo could say, “I give medicine a human touch.”

Certain symbols have been associated with medical profession for a long time. Medical logos that include a rod of Asclepius or mortar and pestle are easily recognized by the general public. Abstract or modern designs, on the other hand, may be used to create a more individual identity. Along with imagery, the fonts you incorporate into your medical logo design can say as much about you as the words themselves. Curvy letters may impart a feeling of softness or playfulness, while straight lines can be seen as more stoic and professional. Of course, the final element to consider is color. Color symbolizes many things and holds different meanings for different people. Check out the use of colors in our animal logo design samples.

We at The Logo Boutique have placed some of our best samples to show that we are always motivated to convert our words in actions. You will also find that we have experience in vast categories of making logo designs which goes to show that making logo designs is not only our profession but our passion as well. As you’ll browse through our website, you’ll notice the number and quality of awards we’ve won in designing logos.

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Health is an important aspect of life but not every medical logo design has to be serious; truth is that there are many levels of health; the health area is very broad and while some companies take care of serious health issues and require a logo that brings tranquility to the mind of the viewer, others are focused on keeping the good health of their customers, and require more graphic, colorful and vibrant logos, or it could be that your company is related to health and medicine but focused on distribution of medical supplies or any other area related in some way to medicine and health.

In general, medical logo design and logos related with health and medicine are to be made considering the specific health goal to achieve and sometimes the sector of the market to which it is directed. Reason why it is useful sometimes to include graphic elements related to that line of business. You will find that it’s very common to see, for example, in logos for physical therapy and body care centers, a glyph of a person with open arms depicting vibrant health, happiness and freedom along with lettering with colors like yellow, green and pink as which are often associated with optimism, you will see this on some of the examples. For centers specialized in the assistance of more complex health issues, you will see that is common to see the Asclepius rod and the Greek cross in blue, green and white colors among others.

Pharmaceutical logos, on the other hand, are to be created having in mind to inspire a sense of trustworthiness in the viewer; the usual election is the use of lettering in black colors along with some addition with white, blue and green colors, which are often associated with asepsis and cleanliness.

This gallery contains medical logo design examples and health related logos that we have worked on during the last years. Feel free to ask what we can do about your project.