Jewelry Logo Design Samples

Jewelry Logo Design

Almost anyone can start a jewelry business but very few get to successfully run it in the long run. Although there are many factors associated with running a successful jewelry or any other business, a clever and eye-catching jewelry logo design can go a long way in determining the success of that particular jewelry business. One thing people need to understand that some people may not be familiar with French or English but a creative logo designs most definitely sticks to people’s subconscious minds.

Jewelry plays a very important role in special and auspicious occasions. It has become synonymous with prestige and honour. It is considered as a valuable sign of affection and upward mobility. Therefore, jewelers pay more attention to create a brand identity of their jewelry products. They want to create a jewelry logo design that conveys their brand message effectively. The logo boutique has the precise experience in creating clever and creative logo designs. We encourage our audience to not only check the samples of our jewelry logo designs but also our and photography logo designs.

World’s best jewelry makers are usually located in Middle Eastern countries like Dubai and Qatar. Other countries like France, America, Canada and Australia also have great jewelry quality and designs. But one research suggests that each designer’s jewelry is known by its logo design more than its jewelry design because people recognized a jewelry design on the basis of the brand image.

Jewelry logo designs must stand out to attract the target customers. Often, jewelries are passed on from one generation to the other. Therefore, it’s important that the jewelry logo design
retains its charm over the period of time. It is essential to create jewelry logos with simplicity. But the logo must be a trendy design to attract new generation of customers. A great jewelry logo design features one or two colors and typefaces. Such a logo has a timeless appeal. Only simple and unique logos are memorable and remembered for a longer time.

Not only our clients indulge into repeat business with us but also we’ve won a Davey Award in 2012 with a cupcake logo design for Millionaire cupcakes. It’s not just our design that sets us apart but we have created three distinct pricing categories in order to create ease for our clients. So go ahead and sign up with us to get the jewelry logo design you aspire.

Creating a logo for Jewelry companies usually requires elegant fonts usually script / handwritten, a set of colors that express a sense of elegance and luxury as well as love and appreciation The usual elections are pink, teal, gold, silver and red. They can be accompanied with realistic icons with gloss effect like windows 7/ Mac OS icons depicting the jewelry that you create.

A new trend on jewelry logo design however, is to make both flat icons (Android Material Design style), or use no icons, and very minimalistic fonts leaving just a very subtle track of gradients or gloss effects. The use of baroque and script is replaced by more readable but still elegant fonts, with the classical choice of gold and silver colors for them or just plain black or white.

In fact, you will find that famous Jewelry brands such as Cartier, Bulgari, Tifany & Co. and Buccellati had set these logo preferences over the years: plain fonts with no icons in black and white. Although this may seem contradictory, they understand that too many elements in a jewelry logo design just give the wrong message, just as the wrong use of elements conveys the wrong message.

Sometimes, the less elements, the more elegance and the simpler the logo ,the more beautiful it is (When it comes to minimalistic jewelry logo design ). This move is appropriate if your customers know and are engaged with your brand. If yours is a new brand, you could use an icon and set of colors that let your customers easy remember you.

But every case is unique and these might be your requirements or they might not. The logo boutique considers the opinion of the customer is what matters, and is capable of creating logos with unique fonts that can be compared to nothing, with crispy and glossy icons that look like real jewels in your screen.

This is a Jewelry logo design showcase with some of our most representative jobs made during the last years. Let yourself be inspired for yours.