The process of designing a logo from a logo design company requires some previous preparation. When we design for a client, the first thing we need to know is what their business/blog deals with. We must not design for our client, but for our client’s clients. And if you are creating this logo for your own personal brand, make sure to apply the same thought process.

Sometimes a client will come and ask me to create a logo from a logo design agency, and you can bet that 99% of the time he’ll want his logo to please him first. This is a mistake. Through his visual symbols, he has to attract customers and, in order to do so, he has to know them well. Our job a logo design company is to discover their graphics preferences. I often find that these end users don’t feel attracted to the graphics style my client likes. What to do then? Research is the answer. We at logo design agency have to find out which style his clients are going to fall in love with.

Do you own a blog? Then think about who your readers are and design your brand for them. Do you sell anything? Think first about who your clients are before you begin to design a brand for them. The aesthetics of your brand (and your logo), have to be aligned with the graphic universe that will attract the kind of client you want to communicate with. Once you have a clear idea of who is reading your blog (or who do you intend to be the readers of your blog to be), the second step is to start thinking about the look and feel they would enjoy. Is your blog filled with whimsical cupcakes or do you sell ecologic products? Do you run a premium fashion brand or are you writing a personal blog? Are your posts funny, dynamic and colorful, or calm and serene? It’s not so difficult; in fact, it’s quite fun. You are going to recognize these graphic feelings when you’ll see them reflected all together in one place. This place is a mood board. You can create a Pinterest mood board by gathering images, color palettes, and typography ideas together. Collect graphics your clients will feel identified with. An advantage of using Pinterest is that you can browse through mood boards that already exist

Now you have a bunch of typography ideas, color palettes, and images that will communicate your desired look. Let’s think about what a logo is for a second. A logo is only a part of a brand. You are going to build up your graphic universe drawing inspiration from all the graphics on your mood board.

The colors you are going to choose will be applied across the board in your brand’s graphics. The fonts you are going to use will make your style recognizable as long as you stick to them consistently. The brand will be better known for the feeling that you create with the use of its graphics universe than for its logo. In the end, it will all work as a whole. Your logo is the essence and starting point of this whole system. Knowing this removes some stress from the responsibility of designing a logo by a logo design company. Your logo doesn’t have to bear all the weight of your corporate image (or personal image). It’s just a part. If you make a good job with the mood board, you’ll have made a lot of important brand decisions.