Can you imagine the Nike logo being an “X” instead of the classic swoosh? Or what if the McDonalds logo was green instead of yellow? Just the idea of a famous logo being different makes us feel weird about the brand itself. The type of logo you choose for your brand is not just a random image, a logo is so much more than just a name or a nice illustration, it is the essence of the company, it is what represents the brand, its values, its mission and goals.

Choosing a logo for your company is not an easy decision to make, it involves a long process of thinking and hundreds of ideas that might end up in the garbage, even if they looked great. The type of logo you choose for your brand is the first way of communication with your customers, and it needs to be able to evoke emotions and a sense of connection with the brand, it is not just a beautiful drawing, it is the soul of your company.

There are many factors to take into account when creating the perfect logo for your business, you can start by asking yourself a series of questions such as: Is your company new? Is your company local or are you aiming to an international market? Does your company have a long name? Does your company’s name contain a unique word? What is your company’s target group?

You need to know that there are essentially five types of logos, and this is when it gets tricky, because not all of them are a good fit for your company.


This type of logo is a good choice if your company’s name is long or if there are multiple words in it. Using two or three letters makes it easier for customers to recall your company’s name.


An emblem logo features text inside a symbol. You need to be very careful here, because the elements of the logo must stay together to ensure consistent branding and you have to consider the psychology of shapes to send the right message to your customers. For example, geometric shapes indicate professionalism, competence, strength and balance, while circles, ovals and ellipses tend to project a positive emotional message, suggesting community, friendship, love, relationships and unity.

Brand Mark

In this case you’re going to use a single graphic or symbol without using the company’s name. This is a great choice if your company is planning on expanding internationally, because brand marks transcend language barriers and represent the human ability to translate images into ideas, no matter where in the world you see a brand mark, you’re going to recognize it and associate it with a company.


This type of logo contains only text and it is a great choice for small companies that want to increase brand awareness. A wordmark is ideal if your company has a memorable, single-word name.


This type of logo are a combination of text and graphic elements. Combo logos include the company name and a graphic component, increasing the brand awareness while also reinforcing the image with a symbol.

Once you’ve decided what type of logo is best for your company you can start giving it personality, choose a color palette that represents your brand and that has a functional impact, remember that colors are linked with emotions, think about what colors your competitors are using and the “vibes” they are conveying.

Remember that the logo is going to be the face of your company, it is just as important as the products or services you’re selling, so find professional help and as Orson Welles once said “Create your own visual style… let it be unique to yourself and yet identifiable for others.”