3 Reasons Why You Should Have A Minimalistic Logo Design For Your Company

Everyone has a tendency to think that a logo has to be flashy, Colorful or attention-grabbing in order to be remembered.

The real fact is that having a colorful and complex logo can actually be detrimental, as customers could find the logo annoying, or overwhelming.

Most people don’t stare at logos for a long time; rather they allow their eyes to pass over them for less than 2 seconds. This means that a logo has a few seconds to be registered and subconsciously memorized, if a potential customer finds your logo overwhelming, it will deliver the wrong impression.

You could agree or disagree, but the truth is that the simpler, the more likely someone will remember it later. Just like Apple, they are very minimalist in nature, not only in their logo but in their product design as well. One thing we can learn from Apple is that simplicity=beauty.

Minimalism is the modern and useful form in digital design, everyone uses it because it can work with anything as long as the function is not affected. Using minimalism in logo design is a great way to make your logo unique and memorable just because it’s easy to visually digest it.

Here are the 3 advantages of having a minimalistic logo design:

1. Simplicity is Memorable. Just think about Nike’s logo, simple, smashing and beautiful. Give your potential customers a symbol that’s memorable, to help them associate with your company.

2. Able to Absorb in a Glance. Quick recognition is the key to effective logo design.

3. Versatility and Scalable. (You’ll be able to place your logo everywhere) The simplicity of the design allows the logo to make sense at any size, from Letterheads to business cards.

Time for Conclusions.

While some logo design is complex, the most memorable ones are those that are simplistic, because instead of relying on detailed and extensive graphics and icons, these minimal logos rely on creative typography and simple shapes to tell the story.

Try to remember big brands and their logos. Companies like Target, CNN, Lexus, Nat Geo, etc. Notice how their logos are simple, with no flashy colors or extravagant designs, pretty remarkable designs.

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I hope this information was useful for you, just remember that sometimes less is more.