I read amazing reviews for this company, but I am inclined to believe that those reviews were left by company’s employees rather than actual clients. I paid to have a logo designed and left feedback for what I was looking for. None of my initial feedback was taken into consideration in the three initial “concepts” I was sent. I asked for a refund so that I can use another company but was told that they do not issue refunds because they “worked so hard on the initial concept.” I am not sure what “hardwork” they are implying because that I was sent I had seen better using an online free logo generator. They offered me a site credit, for use for what exactly I am not sure. As a REAL PAYING customer, I do not believe that the logos they represent on their site as being their actual work quality is real. They do not have the graphic design expertise to product these unique and creative concepts. What you are really paying for is for them to use a logo generator because you just don’t have time to click the web yourself.