Logo design by a logo design agency is an art form and it’s safe to say that even a few Internet tutorials won’t get you the same calibre logo as a professional designer. That said, many of us can’t afford a color study or extensive font research. We need something small, memorable, and fairly easy to make. Here are a few tips for creating a beginning logo that will be remembered and recognized all across the Internet. If you are a logo design company who relies on his/her name, this tutorial may not apply. Your name is really the logo, and no matter what way you dress it up, it’s still you! Just try to always keep the same font and structure of your name.

It can be, but they aren’t always the same. Logos are shapes or symbols that represent your website/brand/business etc. Think about some famous logos and then decide if your blog really needs one. Great logo design requires a complex mixture of design skills, creative theory and skilful application. Any designer worth their salt can create a fit-for-purpose logo, but truly mastering all aspects of the craft takes time. Of course, logo design is just one small subset of branding, but the logo or brand mark remains the centrepiece of most branding schemes.

When you think of a person who’s impacted your life, it’s almost certain that you can picture what he or she looks like. And so it is with the brands from which we often buy. We can easily picture the logo just by thinking about our experiences with the product, company or service. Where there was once just a handful of companies operating within a particular market or niche, there might now be hundreds, maybe thousands, all competing for attention, all wanting us to look at them first. That creates an increasing need for brands to visually differentiate themselves so they’re not confused with competitors. That differentiation is achieved through brand identity design – a range of elements that all work together to form a distinctive picture in our minds. Depending on the company, the identity can include uniforms, vehicle graphics, business cards, product packaging, photographic style, coffee mugs, billboard advertising, and a raft of other items, right down to the font choice on the website.

It’s important to remember that when we at logo design agency look at something, we don’t read first. Before anything else we see a shape, we see colour, and if that’s enough to hold our attention, then we’ll read. So in every instance, regardless of company, the small but essential element in the brand picture is the logo.

Our job as designers in logo design company is to distill the essence of a brand into the shape and colour that’s most likely to endure because visual appearance plays a critical part in forming a connection in our brains between what we experience and who we experience it with (the brand). In many respects, a company’s logo is akin to our loved ones’ faces. When the right logo is aligned with an excellent product, and when it’s in place for a significant amount of time, it can eventually become a priceless asset for any company. The Nike swoosh, McDonald’s golden arches, the Michelin man, Mercedes’ three-pointed star, the Wool mark symbol – these are just a few of the more high-profile examples. But besides their ubiquitous nature, how do you give a logo the best possible chance of reaching a similar status? There are universal traits within every successful logo project, and I’ve outlined some here to help improve the quality of the marks you create.