Your logo by a logo design agency is often the first thing that people will see when they visit your website. While it’s possible to just use a text header when starting out, I’d highly recommend getting a really good logo from the beginning (bad logo design can actually cost you). Logos help establish your brand and credibility.

You can work one on one with a good logo design company that has a good portfolio or find a Logo Design Shop with a decent portfolio. I prefer an individual since a lot of logo shops just churn out logos without the detail and care you usually get from a creative individual. You can also go through a site like LogoPond, find some logo styles you like and look up the designer. Then you can view their profile, which often lists their personal website and contact information and sees if they can create a logo for you. This would take a little more legwork on your part but would ensure you get someone whose work you like.

Don’t just randomly use any color you believe is nice. Aside from the aesthetic value, remember that your logo has to be coordinated with your blog theme. Make sure you use not only the right color but the right shade as well. Otherwise, it may seem a bit out of place or, as I said, uncoordinated. There are some logo design companies which do it the other way around: they start with a logo, then build their blog. I guess that makes you freer to conceptualize the logo. But of course, if this is the case, you have to consider the theme you plan on using for the blog anyway. Blog logos usually follow the symbol-and-text design style, since they’re also used as the header image. This is why you’ll need one good, stand-out, typographical font. Of course, the type of font that’ll be suitable will vary with your blog niche (personal blogs tend to have more artsy fonts, while professional blogs tend to go for bolder, simpler typefaces) and your personal preferences. I suggest that you steer away from complicated fonts like grunge or macabre options unless that’s really the image you want to portray.

If you have only the most basic design skills, don’t worry. Who says logos should be complicated or loaded with effects? they don’t! Simplicity is your best asset. If you have average-to-above average design skills, lucky you! However, if you don’t have any knowledge at all in the field of design, don’t lose hope yet. There are many fool-proof design software products out there: just search for a few basic tutorials, and you’ll get the hang of it.

You can put in a logo contest for logo design companies which has become a good option with the rising popularity of sites like 99designs, Hatchwise, Crowdspring, and Designers Contest become fairly popular with them. Here are some comparisons of a few services. With these services, you set a price you are willing to pay, create a design brief (tell them what you want), and have a live competition where designers from all over compete for the prize. You can even suggest tweaks are you go along and eliminate designs you don’t like. On the cheaper end, you can also use Digital Point forums to put on a logo contest.