Green logos are the craze these days, especially when it comes to custom logo designs. Recently, they’ve become so famous that you get to see almost every designer jumping to them. But this has led to a bit of a problem lately  and that is overuse. With so many businesses trying to “go green”, the demand for green logos has shot up significantly. The drawback with this is that all these businesses want their logos to be “green” as well. While green color is used to promote the “going green” concept, this has led to the overuse of the color.

Sometimes, it becomes absolutely necessary to tell designers what to do and what not to do. When creating a logo design, the designer should focus on what needs to be done – i.e. to be creative and create new and fresh logos. A cut and paste job is just not done today, especially because the market is no longer short of talent anymore. Uniqueness and creativity are the two essential skills a logo designer must possess. After all, that’s what defines the attributes of a great logo design.

We see green logos everywhere. Whether on a box of cereals, the bottom of a bottle or neatly incorporated into product designs, green logos can be seen in countless places. But, one thing you’ll notice is that they are rarely seen accompanied with company names or explanations. A good green logo should be designed in a way to briefly explain the aim of your business in a pictorial manner – something to deliver your message in a quick way in one glance.

With so many companies going green, the world is literally getting filled up with green logos. Most people believe that there must be some kind of a hard and fast rule that a green logo design must contain the green color. However, that is not the case at all. Yes, green colors are officially used to identify the green concept, but there’s no rule that states they must be the only colors used for green logos.

Other than the color, another thing that’s commonly overdone with green logos is the pattern or motif selection. Majority of the green logos out there consist of motifs like green leaves and green trees.  There’s no doubt that green leaves and trees look great in green logos, but there’s so many of them these days that they’re becoming a pretty boring sight. Besides that, the repetitive use of these motifs has made it very difficult to differentiate logos.

Truth be told, the logo design industry doesn’t seem to have many ideas left. There is really nothing new under the sun anymore. However, with a bit more of innovation and creativity, green logo designing can be given a whole new front all over again.