Facebook has changed its name to Meta and updated their logo, which is an infinity loop that resembles the letter M. At this year’s annual Facebook connect event co-founder Mark Zuckerberg announced that they will be moving into “the metaverse.” The company’s new direction reflects not only how people spend more time in virtual worlds like Second Life than on real ones but also our society’s growing curiosity with what lies beyond reality–a digital world where you can experience a parallel life as your own normal one or someone else entirely different from yourself; all without leaving your house!

The company has announced that its familiar 2019 typeface, which is used in all apps owned by the company including Whatsapp and Instagram will now be branded with a custom logo design. The new look for this tech giant also includes an updated design scheme for their virtual reality branch – Oculus Rift

Both the name, which has been created in the company’s familiar 2019 typeface, and logo will be used within all apps owned by the company including Whatsapp, Instagram and Messenger. They will also be used for its virtual reality brand Oculus, which the company acquired in 2014.

Zuckerberg chose the word meta to represent something beyond. The Greek translation for this phrase is ‘μετα’ – which translates directly into English as “beyond”

“Meta is the new name for what we all want to be: beyond reality. It’s an experience that includes feeling like you are in another person or place.”

“The metaverse is the first of its kind. It will change both our social experiences and future technology.”

Rebrand marks company’s shift away from social media platform

In a world where people are looking for ways to connect and share their lives, Meta is now attempting take the virtuality one step further. Users will be able use products from different apps without having an account with Facebook or Instagram! They renamed themselves as well so that users can enjoy everything this platform has in store: “Meta means ‘between’ which reflects just what we’re trying do – bridge gaps between our customers.”

“The defining quality of the metaverse will be a feeling of presence”