Being a designer, it has always been my approach to assisting businesses with the tools that I have developed. Whether a big or small brand or even a start-up, I noticed that it’s important to go by the correct and visualizing strategy. Particularly for small businesses, even choosing the custom logo design services can be something important they can begin with. It exists so because those deliverables of a strategy like brand persona, value proposition, and goodwill of a business seem to be less tangible when compared to selling a ‘logo’.

So, is having a logo important, then?

Yes! With no exception! Ironically, one of the beautiful logos may not probably help you to increase your sales but having an ugly logo can certainly demolish your brand identity and even force you to lower your prices and therefore, face losses.

When you begin branding your product, one of the basic things you do is ‘you promise your customers to deliver the best and a right logo put a stamp of approval on that promise. Obviously, a poorly designed logo cannot help your customers imagine something great from your side- whether a product or a service.

Then, with which approach shall you begin creating a logo?

Well, crafting a much relevant and attractive logo is a profoundly nuanced endeavor of the creative journey of a designer. Rather it is the seasoned professional who has immense ability to think above and beyond all your mind. Certainly, if you want to begin by yourself, then you can approach it, this way-

  1. Begin with a strategy- Here your first and foremost focus shall be on identifying ‘what is that your company does better and different than your competitors. Basically, you need to begin by finding the value proposition of your business before beginning anything visual.
  2. It is not a personal thing- Don’t be emotionally biased with a particular design and make it a matter of strong personal choice. Of course, you design for your customers, and if they understand, value, and connect with your logo-perhaps that will be a great thing for you to achieve.
  3. Keep it simple, clear, and communicable. Avoid using heavy color combinations and design overloading. Stay aligned with your basics and design something elegant, nice, and much simple.

Knowing these approaches, if you believe that you can go ahead with yourself, then move. Else hire a professional for providing the best logo design services to you.

What all different types of logos are there?

Broadly, all logos seen in the market are differentiated among themselves into three different groups.

Symbol Based:

One is a symbol-based logo which is entirely comprised of symbol/s like that of Apple and Nike. Further, as a sub-set of this approach, a few companies use the first letter or first two letters of its name as a logo such as Airtel, Volkswagen. Imagine what would have been the impression if apple would have tried a stick as its symbol, perhaps it would have never equally impressed people.

Wordmark Based:

These logos are without symbols yet powerful and classy. Think about the logos of Google or Coca-Cola. Much essentially, these logos are defined by the font, illustrative interface and may not come out from the fonts that simply your PC generates. If you have plans to create it oneself, ensure that it stays simple and elegant.

Hybrid logos:

This type of logo replaces any word with a symbol or a symbol with a word. Overall, they will offer the brand identity in a hybrid style. Imagine Rockstar Energy Drink or even café coffee day. This style appears to be more emerging and trendier for more brands choose to look at this way of representing their business.

Finally, along with the journey- from where your business took off to where it is heading- the logo also evolves. It indicates that you shall never shy away from re-thinking, recreating, and re-defining your logo when you feel the existing one not truly showing your business worth.