3 Basic Elements To Use In Your Ecological Logo DesignEcological Logo Design

Environment care is a very sensitive topic these days, especially for massive production companies that are using natural resources in their processes.

Big media puts pressure on these companies and people alike, proposing “go-green” as the best option not only for our present but also for our future.

I would like to believe that everyone has suddenly developed an ecological conscience. Here at the logo boutique we really care about the environment. We don’t use paper in our design process and all computers save energy plugged into a power saver. Plus we use state of the art saving energy computer equipment.

Like us, many companies have understood this marketing trend causing a huge development of “green” and eco-friendly products.

The design industry is not an exception.

These days we see a lot of green designs hanging out there, if you are a graphic designer or a person looking for a “green logo”, it is important for you to have a clear concept of the Eco-logo ideas.

Creating a green theme in a logo may seem simple, just use a couple of leaves, put some green, brown or blue, and voila! you got your green logo. The difficult part comes when you want to use elements from the superset of nature.

Making your logo interesting, meaningful and impactful while retaining the raw organic nature of the message being projected is the real challenge. A good designer can use a basic element of nature since it has a lot of objects to choose from, like trees, water, dirt, animals, etc and turn it into something fantastic. This makes it possible to find inspiration and elements to use in your own logo design thanks to mother nature.

Here are 3 elements you could use in your own Green Logo Design and some tips on how you can use them in a different way:

1- Colors:

green and blue pallet Green is the most used color in this industry, however, it does not have to be cogreenbluepalletmpletely green. You can add some brown or blue, symbolizing earth and water or the sky.

Tip: Combining your “Green Logo” with black could add some elegance to it. Ex: You can go as simple as just a green car. Simple but straight, I’m pretty sure everyone will understand it’s meaning.

2- Trees and Leaves

Including these objects in your logo will clearly state your Eco-message.

Tip: Don’t use them in a regular and mainstream way, because everyone does. Instead look for a creative way to put them inside your logo, like a bow made of leaves, or a house with a tree form. I’m sure your designer could come up with something better than that.

3- Animals:

green frog This one is my favorite one because it opens a bunch of possibilities by itself or combines with other elements.green animals red eyes frogs reptiles 5381x3583 wallpaper_www.wallpaperhi.com_28

Tip: Any animal could be used, I recommend putting just the silhouette, even better if the designer could use negative space on it.

If you need some inspiration, I would encourage you to check our Green Logo Design Gallery, here you can find all these elements in use and a bunch of new techniques.

Plus, if your company is eco-friendly download for free The Green social media Icons. You can use them on your website, emails or banners. Or you could print them on your business cards and stationery as well.

Time For Conclusions:
All the elements and objects listed above will be useful when creating your own ecological logo design, and they will represent your company’s values.

However, my best advice is: If you’re not a designer, look for professional help. Hiring a professional designer or a design agency is not a hard job, just make sure they have plenty of experience on these type of logos.

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