There are numerous businesses with unique and extraordinary logo design out there. While some designs look very easy and straightforward, some might be quite complicated. No matter what you’d want your business logo design to look like, there are a number of common mistakes people tend to make while designing them. To mention a few, here are some common logo design mistakes you should always avoid:

  • Paying more attention to design trends.

Trends are never static. They are always in and out based on the market, which ultimately turns them into clichés. A good professional or custom logo should ideally be timeless. This is only achievable if the latest publicity design gimmicks are completely ignored. To make sure you have a logo with a completely distinctive identify, you will need to make sure that you give no heed to the current trends. Simply go by what suits you best.

  • Designing logos that look too common.

This mistake is usually made by amateur logo designers or business owners that have no clue as to what logo design copyrights are all about. Designing a professional or custom logo requires unique inspiration. Many logo designers get inspired by other logos these days.  And in the event of designing more logos, they then end up producing logos that look a lot like the ones they were inspired by. It is due to this common mistake that most logo designs have been failing recently.

  • Creating overly complicated logo designs.

Overly complicated logo designs tend to lose their details. In an attempt to design small sized and fine logos, designers often end up overdoing it. In some cases, such logos end up looking more like smudges, which is the worst mistake to make in logo designs.  Logos should be neat and bold, so that they can be remembered easily. Logos of brands like McDonalds, Apple, Nike and Mercedes are typical examples of simple, neat and easy to remember corporate logos.

  • Using too many colors.

This is probably the most common mistake logo designers usually make. Sometimes, logo designers often tend to rely entirely on colors to give logos a unique image. Some designers usually end up using too many colors on their logo designs. While this may seem to be a good thing, it is actually quite damaging for the logo image.  Besides that, the use of too many colors also adds to printing costs. It is always advisable to use a maximum of 3 different colors. Anything more than that can have a negative impact on the logo design. When designing your logo, it is always better to leave the color selection till the end.