american airlines logo design

After 40 years intact AA decided to give the brand a new fresh look after a couple of rough years. The previous logo was great and did not need to change but the company new look was needed to show that AA is coming out strong, fresh and NEW!

Last week AA showed the new logo. A clear evolution of the 1966 logo design by Vignette. I have read comments that say the new logo did not take any of the previous elements but we at the logo boutique feel they do. It is just an evolution of the previous logo where you can see the diagonal of the two As separated in the middle the eagle’s head. The icon can also be associated with the tail of a plane.

The gradients added to the logo also brings the brand to a more web 2.0 look. The font is no longer HELVETICA (thanks God) and it has been replaced by a more modern yet simple font.

As far as the image on the actual planes I feel it goes too far away from the new logo. It would have been a lot better to keep them simple by adding the new image to the tail of the plane. Its from would have fit perfectly.

This is a good example of an evolution in logo design. If you feel you need to revamp your logo feel free to contact us for a FREE consultation on how to do it without loosing the essence of the original brand. Simply call us at 954.636.1437.