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Logo Design

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We give our best in every project and guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. We work until you are happy with the end product.*

Logo Design

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We are conveniently located in South Florida. You can reach your dedicated project manager over the phone anytime at 954.636.1437 To stay connected to each and every step of your design process.

Logo Design

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This is not a crowd contest system. We have a in-house team of designers and we guarantee we design an unique custom logo you won’t have any trouble trade marking.

Logo Design

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With more than 10 years of experience serving more than 25,000 clients all over the world. We build relationships with our customers and hope to be your company’s design department.

When Do I need To Redesign My Logo?

The importance of a logo is frequently overlooked. In fact, most businesses tend to overlook the importance of a logo design and the impact it can have on their business. The logo of a company is the first thing clients notice when they are introduced to a business. It is often the basic element that helps form a positive image for a company.

A logo should be ubiquitous, especially if it is a business logo that represents the products and services of specific brands. If truth be told, a company’s success relies on its logo. Due to this reason, it is crucial to ensure that a company’s logo is well maintained and up-to-date. If your company already has a custom logo, it is necessary that you frequently ask yourself one question: “does my logo represent the idea it should?” If the answer to this question is not a fervent “yes”, then it is definitely time for your logo to have a fresh look.

Eventually, when businesses grow, there comes a time when the owners feel like their logo no longer represents all the services they offer. That is a clear sign that the company needs to redesign its logo. The need to revamp a logo may not necessarily mean that the initial logo was inadequate or poorly designed. A modern and new look only gives customers a better idea of a company’s performance. It gives customers the impression that the company is efficient in keeping up with the current trends. Redesigning your logo means that you are current with style trends. In addition, it also promotes business growth significantly.

Take for example; Pepsi. Pepsi is a giant brand in the marketing industry, which has a firm logo identity. Over the years, their logo design has successfully maintained a common theme. However, they have been redesigning their logo consistently. This has helped them uphold and preserve a fresh appearance, while staying relevant to their niche at the same time. Pepsi went through a massive logo overhaul in 2008, which was aimed at increasing their appeal to the younger generation. According to market research, the results show that this strategy proved to be extraordinarily successful for the industry. In fact, this led to the huge growth in its market shares.

How to Know When to Redesign My Logo?

There is a quick way to find out when your logo needs a revamp. Ask yourself these few questions:

  • Is my logo design eye-catching?
  • Does my logo have a professional look?
  • Does my logo look unique?
  • Is my brand and niche reflected in my logo?
  • Has my business changed or evolved over the years, and is the change visible in my current logo?
  • As compared to my previous logo, is the current logo up-to-date with modern design trends?

If your answer to any of these questions was a “no”, then its time you start looking for good professional logo design experts like The Logo Boutique.

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