Children Logo Design Samples

Children Logo Design

Children logo design have more difficulty than adult logos just because you have to please two totally different and usually opposite audiences. You have to create a logo that is appealing to both children and parents. Even though at the end of the day children are the ones making the decision of where to go or what to buy… parents are the ones driving them around.

Children logo design  is usually fun and colourful, cute and funny but more important they need to have a meaning and a connection with the little ones! Think about Toys R us logo for example, the logo is simple but it has many colors and a curvy childish font. They used to have a giraffe as a character, but they hardly ever use it today.

Other famous companies like, McDonalds for example, who target both audiences incorporate the use of a character to attract little ones.

Some elements in children related industry are overused. Teddy bears, beach balls, dolls, princess crowns. We need to try to stay away from cliché icons and design a  children logo design that is unique and that stands out from the the crowd.

Here is a compilation of cute professional logos we have created for children related industries in the past. This will give you an idea of the type of work we can do for you.

Remember we take each project as a unique one and we base our designs in your creative brief, references and even competition. So feel free your children logo design will be professional and one of a kind!