How It Works Business Logo Design

Logo Design Process

Select a Package

To get started select a business logo design package that best fits your business. The image of a company is what represents the nature, character, and essential value of the business; it is what sets you apart from your competitors. There is a variety of business logo design packages to choose from. You can customize your business logo to fit your businesses unique needs. Pick design packages, include printing, or even add promotional precuts to your order.

Custom Logo

Fill out the Brief

In this step we ask you to fill out a questionnaire to help us understand your company and what you’re looking for in a business logo. If you don’t feel comfortable doing it on your own, a skilled costumer consultant will be available to guide you through this questionnaire. The data is incorporated into the project design. A personal account manager will be assigned once the project is ready to begin. This representative will make sure that you have provided enough information for the creative team to submit a first draft of the logo design idea, whether you have ordered a brochure design, web site design or business logo package. Design experts will track the project and make sure it is executed effectively, and answer any questions you may have.

Business Logo

Review your Logo Design Concepts

72 business hours later, you’ll receive an email announcing the completion of the first draft. To review the business logo drafts, you go into the project board on The Logo Boutique site that will help you track the process. You can view and order changes to your project drafts and read designers comments and download the artwork. At this point, you can test your drafts with friend testing where you can send a friend or associate invitations so that they can give you feedback and vote on their favorite designs. Your comments and suggestions, such as a change in font or icon, are valuable and help us refine the business logo design so it truly becomes your concept.

Logo Design Process

Do Revisions to your Logo Design

New sets of business logos are created after we revise based on your comments. 48 business hours later, revisions arrive via email and can be reviewed again on the project board. This part of the process is unlimited; we will work until it is just right. The account manager and creative director are available to you throughout the entire process to address questions, concerns or ideas you may have about your business logo.

Custom Logo

View revisions

Once your logo design is complete, The Logo Boutique can help create vibrant corporate identity products like business cards and personalized stationery, which are important marketing tools for your business. What truly separates The Logo Boutique apart from the competition is our quality guarantee. Only a professional design firm that has confidence in its work would ever offer a complete 100% satisfaction guarantee. We work until you are completely satisfied with your design. Once the business logo or campaign has been created, it’s time for The Logo Boutique to start marketing. Not only do we provide you with the image but we also help you with postcard flyer design, promotional products, and numerous other marketing mediums. If your piece requires printing, The Logo Boutique offers you the best prices and free shipping in any piece we design. We will store all your files in the site for up to a year and will send all editable files via email. You can also choose to receive a flash drive with all your files that you can use to backup all your company's information and access it easily.

The Importance of a Business Logo for Your Company or Product

Improving your company's corporate image can do a lot for your business in the long run. After all, first impressions last, and what better way to make a first impression than with a skillfully designed business logo?

While it can be simple for some to make an eye-catching image, it's a totally different challenge to design a logo in a way that highlights the core values or best aspects of a company or product. The best logos aren't just attention grabbers; they become part of the company's image and cue potential clients in on what the company does best.

Because a logo can do so much for a company's image, it helps to enlist the help of graphic design professionals who understand how a well-designed image can get a company or product's message across effectively. With a business logo designed to encapsulate your company or product's special traits while catching attention easily, you can expect a boost in visibility and even attract new clients.

Logo design is essential to the success of your growing business. This is why you should entrust this job to a professional logo design company.
The Logo Boutique offers solutions to your design challenges in company logo design, web design and logo creation.